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Wet Basements and Causes of Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is not uncommon in areas where the terrain is fairly level and drainage is poor, or in areas where the water table is higher relative to the foundation of the home.

Other causes for flooding can be attributable to foundation cracks, downspout runoff, poor grading in the surrounding terrain, basement window leaks, and so forth.

Basement Water DamageA wet basement is a serious and multi-faceted problem. Unchecked and repeated flooding can cause the basement sub-floor to deteriorate and damage the
foundation of your home. 

If your wet basement is finished already, you will sustain increasing damage to drywalls, framing and basement flooring that will be extremely costly to repair.

A leaky basement can make your life miserable and uncomfortable.  Each time it rains, you will be dreading the consequences and wondering what you will find "downstairs".

Prolonged basement moisture also increases dramatically the likelihood of termites, carpenter ants, and other insects taking up residence in your home, spreading throughout the walls and to the upper floors of your home, causing extensive damage that is often unseen until it is too late. 


Mold and Mildew DamageIn addition, high moisture levels in a leaky basement will spawn toxic and allergenic molds and air-borne bacteria.  Once basement air is charged with molds and spores, these will unavoidably rise to other areas of your home through the normal movement of air currents, though wall spaces, and so forth.

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A wet basement is also a major obstacle to the sale of your home.  Not only will it make it more difficult to find a buyer, it will also dramatically reduce the value of your home and lower the selling price considerably.

A dry basement significantly increases the value and desirability of your home to perspective buyers.  It is an investment in the market value of your home, and will make it possible to sell your home much more quickly when the time comes.


Another thing to consider is the tremendous practical advantage to be gained from putting an end to your basement flooding.Finished Basment Services

Finishing your basement will significantly increase your available living space, providing family recreation space for your children, home office space, entertainment space for visiting with friends and family, an indispensable work area for hobbyists and many other work and leisure activities.



Whatever the reason may be for your particular basement flooding problem, there's no need to look any further for a solution! 

Why live with a wet basement another day?  Call Rain King!

Rain King will do an evaluation of your basement's condition and all the factors which contribute to the flooding.

Rain King will identify and eliminate all possible causes and, based upon your particular needs, will recommend the most effective waterproofing methods available to put an end to your leaking, wet basement...for good!

Rain King can also provide dehumidification and mold remediation services to fully restore your home to ideal conditions and to maintain these for the future.

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