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Keep Your Basement Dry With Waterproofing Solutions in The Tri-State Area

Protect Your Home and Health with Expert Waterproofing Services

Say goodbye to dealing with a damp, musty basement every time it rains–The Rain King has the perfect solution for you! Our basement waterproofing services are designed to keep your home safe and dry, no matter the weather. With our state-of-the-art waterproofing techniques and products, we can transform your basement into a comfortable, livable space that adds value to your home in the Tri-State Area.

Not only will our basement waterproofing services improve the overall quality of your living space, but they will also protect your home from potential water damage. A dry basement prevents mold growth, structural damage, and other issues that can lead to costly repairs. With The Rain King, you can know that your home is protected from the elements and your family is safe from potential health hazards.

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Upgrade Your Basement with Comprehensive Waterproofing Services

Elevate your living space and protect your home with our professional basement waterproofing services. 


How Our Basement Waterproofing Services Work

At The Rain King, we take a comprehensive approach to basement waterproofing. Our team of experienced professionals begins by inspecting your basement to identify any potential problem areas. We then develop a customized waterproofing plan tailored to your home's needs. Our waterproofing solutions may include installing interior drainage systems, sump pumps, vapor barriers, and exterior waterproofing measures like foundation coatings and proper grading around your home.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service, ensuring your basement remains dry and protected for years. We use only the best materials and proven techniques to ensure our waterproofing solutions are practical and long-lasting. With The Rain King, you can trust that your basement is in good hands.

The Rain King’s Customized Waterproofing
Plans for Every Home

100% Lifetime Transferable Guarantee
The Rain Kings offer a 100% Lifetime Transferable Guarantee on their basement waterproofing services, ensuring your peace of mind. This guarantee can even be transferred to new homeowners, adding value to your property.
24/7 Emergency Response Team
The Rain Kings' dedicated 24/7 Emergency Response Team is always ready to assist in a basement emergency. Their prompt response and expert solutions ensure your basement remains safe and dry.
Free Estimates and Inspections
Embark on your journey to a dry, secure basement with our free-of-charge inspections and cost estimates. Our expert team evaluates your home's unique waterproofing requirements, delivering customized solutions that fit your needs perfectly.
Licensed and Insured
The Rain Kings are fully licensed and insured, guaranteeing you receive the highest professional service. You can trust their team to deliver exceptional basement waterproofing solutions that protect your home and investment.

The Rain King’s Waterproofing Solutions Saved Our Home from Water Damage

A.G., Fairfield, CT's Rating
I was fed up with the dampness that seemed to invade my home. We live in a raised ranch, our basement is an integral part of our lives. It was embarrassing when friends or family came over. There was a musty odor that seemed to hang there and could be cut with a knife. You guys remedied the problem once and for all. Now we are very proud of our home. Thank you, Rain King. A.G., Fairfield, CT
C.B., New Haven, CT's Rating
My foundation was cracked. It was evident water was coming from that location. I had several people look at it. Unfortunately no one had an affordable solution. Your engineer suggested we cut the block out and rebuild it. I was very skeptical. It's now several rain falls later and all is well. Your company is everything it's cracked up to be. C.B., New Haven, CT
T.R., Long Island, NY's Rating
I didn't think we would ever use the lower level of our home, unless we were going to start a fish farm. Thanks to your men and their very hard work, our basement is bone dry. Now our entire home is livable and enjoyable. T.R., Long Island, NY
J.F., Bergen County, NJ's Rating
You said we wouldn't get water in our house once you fixed it. You were right. Not a drop! Let me say the Rain King company is top notch. J.F., Bergen County, NJ
M.O., Westchester, NY's Rating
I'm writing to say thank you. Thank you for giving us our basement back. I really want to applaud the men that worked on our house. They were the fastest hardest working group of men I have ever seen. The Rain King is very lucky to have employees like that. I recommend all of them get a bonus. M.O., Westchester, NY
R.P., Greenwich, CT's Rating
We have all heard the old cliché, when it rains it pours. In my case when it rained and it poured, it flooded my basement and threatened my furnace. I called your company and now I don't care if it rains, pours, snows, whatever. I'm warm and dry. I tell everyone I know that The Rain King is a good company. R.P., Greenwich, CT
D.M., Yonkers, NY's Rating
My mother has asked me to write a thank you letter. Thank you for giving her a fair price. In some cases the other companies were almost twice your estimate. For the longest time water in her basement had prevented her from renting it. Your fair pricing made it possible to repair her home and get her rental income back. Thank you, Rain King, for helping my mom maintain her financial independence D.M., Yonkers, NY
J. M., Weston, CT's Rating
Just a quick note to thank your company. My basement was a soggy mess. Other companies wouldn't even attempt a repair. I couldn't sell my house. Until your men fixed it. Thank you for adding real value to my home. J. M., Weston, CT
A.B., New Cannon, CT's Rating
Several years ago one of the major waterproofing companies installed a system that failed to work. Your guys came along, tore out the old and put in a new one. We have never had problem since, and you gave us a life time warranty to boot. I have recommend your company to many of my friends and will continue to do so. Thanks, Rain King. A.B., New Cannon, CT
C.R., Adirondack, NY's Rating
I just wanted to let you know. Your salesmen, and your installers were some of the nicest people ever to work on our house. They were polite and considerate and very,very clean. We are extremely happy that we chose The Rain King to install a water abatement system in our home. C.R., Adirondack, NY

Transform Your Basement with Our Expert Waterproofing Services!

Reach out to The Rain King today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our basement waterproofing services. Our team of experts is ready to help you transform your basement into a dry, healthy space that you can enjoy for years to come.

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