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Sump pumps play an important role in the waterproofing process when an internal water management system is used.

The sump pump is placed beneath the basement sub-floor at the lowest point of the drainage system so that all of the water captured in the perimeter drainage pipes flows toward the pump by means of gravity feed.

Once the water reaches the sump pump tank which houses the sump pump, it is then pumped outside through a discharge pipe that exits the basement above the sill of your home's foundation.

As explained in our section on basement waterproofing methods, this approach is the least intrusive to the foundation and does not require penetrating the foundation, or an extensive excavation outside the foundation in order to divert the water, as would be the case with a system entirely reliant upon gravity feed alone.

The water is pumped out and then led through a pipe not far below the ground, carrying it to a safe distance away from the foundation.

This process prevents the water table from ever reaching the level of the basement sub-floor.

The sump pump will not activate until the water in the sump pump tank reaches what is known as "the critical level".  When this level has been reached, the sump pump will automatically turn on and begin to pump the water out.


It can be seen from this how important it is that a powerful, reliable sump pump is used, and that the sump pump include a battery backup unit in the event of a power failure.

There are several other factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting and  installing a sump pump. 

You may rest assured that Rain King will effectively and successfully address each of these concerns during the process of waterproofing your basement.

Rain King also provides sump pump finishing services

Also, if desired, your sump pump can be enclosed in a finished cabinet or built in as part of a finished basement.  Rain King can perform all of these services for you, from start to finish!

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